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The 2019 Guide of the best Hotels you can stay in Las Vegas.

There are so many people who come to the sin city as it is called o rather Las Vegas to try their lady luck, from casinos, high roller rooms, penny slots and card tables, sin city is an ideal place that you will never get bored.

The place you select to stay while on vacation in Sin City will depend on how well you do your research as the best place will definitely take the experience to a new level.

The Bellagio is one stunning and with spectacular fountains that draws attention all night, besides having wonderful water shows Bellagio is one of the best hotels to book in Las Vegas.

Bellagio hotel has magnificent features that makes it one of the best hotels to stay in when in Las Vegas, from the pool deck to the spa and the state of the art gym facility, this hotel is one of a kind.

Bellagio hotel is a classic hotel and if you plan to get married here at sin city, the hotel has a number of chapels, the rooms are 510 square foot and the counter tops are made of marble.

Who does not want to go for a gondola when they come to Vegas? When you stay in the Venetian hotel you will access the gondolas in the room and the renaissance of this stunning hotel is from Rome.

The Venetian hotel is another stunning hotels which apart from having gondolas it has a stunning attraction with five start gourmet restaurant, a casino and a number of pools, the rooms are 650 square foot and the lavish rooms come with their own gym and a theater room.

The choice of hotels in Vegas can be confusing and that is why you need to narrow down to what suits you, the MGM is a hotel worth considering for its emerald dark exterior, huge in size that make it stand out.

There are plenty of activities you can do while staying at the MGM Grand hotel and due to its big size it has a massive pool and fitness center and a grand spa, there is a lazy river in the hotel compound and a chapel just in case you want to do wedding, the room are in the four different towers and the rooms are luxurious.

The Cosmopolitan is adored by the millennial and the trendsetter for its vibrant atmosphere, it has a massive casino, day club, roof top salon, and spa and fitness center.

One off the cool features of Cosmopolitan hotel is the chandelier, the bar, the massive chandelier spans to three stories tall and it is spectacular and creates an ambiance for sipping cocktail, the furniture is contemporary and sleek and the rooms are huge and visually spectacular

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