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How To Spot The Restaurant That Serves The Authentic Philly Cheesesteak

If you are looking to have the authentic Philly cheesesteak, you must patronize the eatery that has mastered its preparation. With the number of restaurants that make this sumptuous sandwich rising, so is the upsurge in eateries that produce its counterfeits.

A lot of people are engaged in discussions regarding who is a master of preparing the legendary cheesesteak. For the residents of Philly, their talk is centered around which restaurant are top of the list when it comes to making of the sandwich. This is not the case with people new to the sandwich as they have to figure out how the original looks like.

In finding out if the cheesesteak you are having has been prepared by a master chef is the type of meat used in its preparation. If you visit a restaurant that prepares the meat by cubing or cutting it into slabs, you instead of slicing it, you need to consider patronizing another eatery. At the point of frizzling you have the choice to either chop the meat or not. In no circumstance should the meat be subject to precooking.

The way you will find out if you are being served the genuine cheesesteak is the type of cheese that is used to prepare the sandwich. Whereas there is no defined rule that applies in the choice of the cheese, some brands are no- no. Cheddar and gouda are not normally used to prepare the cheesesteak as they are too smoky and oily respectively.

The type of bread used by a restaurant to prepare the cheesesteak will tell you if you are in the premises of professionals. It is advisable not to use bread that has a hard crust as it may end up causing harm to the roof in your mouth. It is for the reason that the roll should never be toasted but instead should undergo light warming.

It is optional to decide to add onions to the cheesesteak as it is not mandatory. In the event you decide to have the additions then the right kind of onions need to be used. When the onions are used the cooking must be thorough and should never be served raw.

Another ingredient that is added to the cheesesteak as an option is the tomato sauce. It is therefore important that the person selling you the snack enquires from you if you want the sauce added. In the event the strong fatty odor on the cheesesteak offends you, you can consider neutralizing it by adding ketchup. Alfredo is the sauce of choice for this purpose.
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